What makes a nanny stay with a family?

This question comes up often. In addition to paying your nanny a fair wage, there are other reasons that make them want to stay. The below information was written by one of our long-term nannies and her experience working with various families:

As a nanny myself, I have learned over the years that the one thing that makes a nanny stay with a family is appreciation. This can be interpreted in many different ways, but the main idea is that a nanny should feel worth and appreciation from the family. Being a nanny is a very unique job that requires not only a great work ethic, but also a kind heart. Some families only view their nanny as a piece of machinery that is used to make the family work properly. If a family wants their nanny to stay with them for a long period of time, they need to see her/him as an actual person that not only works for the family, but also puts love and thought into interacting with their children. Whether this means communicating with the nanny on a regular basis to see how she/he is doing with the work and children. Voicing appreciation and setting up weekly meetings to discuss any issues that you all can work on is another great idea. Of course, there is always the occasional Starbucks gift card or small gift accompanied by a note, saying thank you for going the extra mile in a certain situation. Being a nanny is a very rewarding job, but can be very difficult at times. If, as a family, you are transparent, appreciative and honest with your nanny, they will go above and beyond your expectations and will continue to work their best for your family. -MH