Need Care? Let Sound Care Agency help you find the right fit.

Whether you need short-term care, a long term nanny or consulting services, fill out the application below on this page. We will follow up with you shortly. Our team will take the time to fully understand your family’s specific needs and situation. We are dedicated to making sure that you are completely happy with the process and the end result.

The form below is not only a needs assessment, it specifies what you can expect from us as a client and is a contract defining our terms of service. We look forward to helping your family find the perfect care solution. Please call our office any time if you need additional assistance or simply would rather discuss by telephone at 425-616-3010.

You will be prompted to fill out billing information after this form is completed on the submission page. To complete the process, you must fill out our secure billing collection form.


Short-Term Care, Long-Term Care, and Consulting Application
  • Schedule and Assessment

    Please be as descriptive as possible when filling out the hours of care you will need. Specify if you will need a.m., p.m., or 24 hour shifts.
  • **Please print and retain a copy of your completed Client Application for your records.**